Wheel of presentations of the pedagogical case of the fallas of the Pyrenees

The Chair of Education and Intangible Heritage of the Pyrenees has already met representatives of 4 territories with the aim of continuing with the creation and improvement of the didactic material that comprises the pedagogical suitcase of the faults of the Pyrenees

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Meeting with the fallaires associations of Pallars, Sobirà and Jussà

Alta Ribagorça, Andorra, Vall d'Aran and els Pallars, Sobirà and Jussà, have already been able to take a look at the didactic material about the falles in the Pyrenees that the Chair is developing together with Obaga Activities, a company dedicated to the management of activities in nature.

During the month of January, the Chair has begun meetings with representatives of the different countries to present the materials, collect ideas and opinions of the community to improve it. In this way "we want to get a material that explains the traditions of each territory to transmit to the children the different variants of the festival of falles", explained Marc Ballesté, head of projects of the Chair of Education and Intangible Heritage of Pyrenees.

As of April, the Chair intends to meet with the failing associations of Aragon, El Berguedà and the Occitan zone of Comenge.